Advertising campaign for a new service for «UNMOMENTO»

Dry cleaning №1 in Ukraine «UNMOMENTO» turned to us at GRADA for help in developing a creative communication for the new service “Dry cleaning for business”.

Sometimes the thought that you have dirty / unwashed clothes at home is unsettling and it is impossible to focus on work. Thanks to the new service from «UNMOMENTO», you cannot break the deadline and finally finish the report without thinking about how, where and when to wash your favorite dress or repair happy shoes.

We offered a non-standard solution with a brave message, concise and clear. Dirty thoughts were rejected and the slogan of the campaign became – PERSONNEL CLEANING is now in your office.

We have developed brochures, posters and layouts, which have been placed in all office centers so that every business knows about the new super opportunity.

And also started a new rumor on the sidelines of the office about the cleansing of personnel…

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